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Saturday, September 07, 2013
358 - Some Boys

As sung by Katharine McPhee.

I have not felt like writing for the longest time. Not since 2010, it would seem.

But the past few weeks, has it been a month?

The lulling familiarity.
The false sense of security.
The undue happiness.
The unexpected heartbreak.
The now, haunting memories.

That awful moment I realised I actually gave a damn.

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Friday, December 10, 2010
357 - Always

Dear ♥Hope♥

It is the evening of the day
I sit and watch the children play
Smiling faces I can see
But not for me
I sit and watch as tears go by..

All the love in the world x

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Thursday, October 28, 2010
356 - Of many firsts and now

I came across this just yesterday.

My first case on my very first day of my attachment in Karpal Singh and Co.

My first murder case ever.

The first time I witnessed cross-examination.

It was brilliant albeit slightly disjointed due to the fact the witness/ accomplice could only understand Chinese (or rather, he pretended so) hence everything Mr Ram said had to be translated by an interpreter. Much of Mr Ram's flair and charm was lost in translation.

And I say pretend because most of the time he would seem not to understand but astonishingly when the judge tried to clarify matters with him, he would reply quite easily.

It was also the first representation to the AG's Chambers that I wrote.

I remember Mr Ram cautioning me when he gave me the file. He told me to take it slow and not take it so hard. Then he took out some pictures, very gruesome ones which said it all.

As much as people (mis)judge the accused, they tend also to judge the people who defend them.

Mr Ram never said much directly on this point, but everything he said about the cases, the victims, the accused(s), said everything clearly.

The Defence Counsel's job is not to judge. It is his job to present his client's case to the best of his abilities. To make sure the client has a fair trial. To defend the law. To defend the rights of the clients. To prevent abuse of power by the police and the judiciary.

An accused is innocent until proven guilty, remember?

Through all the difficult cases i.e. murder, rape, sodomy, Mr Ram was always compassionate, not just with me but with the victims and the clients.

So lucky I am, that not only was I able to spend time attached to Karpal Singh & Co., come 26 November 2010, this great man who has taught me so much will be the one to move my Long Call.

And I could not have found a more suited person.

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Friday, October 15, 2010
355 - Autumn

And so the pretty gold leaves will fall.

2 weeks of being in limbo. I'm neither a Trainee Associate nor am I a qualified Associate.
I like having my own little cubby, with its dashes of pink and blue :)

Looking forward to next week.
To being 21 again.
Free and carefree.

Walks along the Seine, laughing in the rain
Our last summer
Memories that remain
We were living for the day, worries far away

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010
354 - Life

Because there's nothing quite like love and innocence

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Saturday, September 25, 2010
353 - Love the way you lie

Why must it be inevitable that a leap, euphoric as it is, must end with a fall.

Why do they all start the same way, happy and full of laughter and hope.

Why do the colours fade.

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352 - My almost 9 months

One more week till the end of pupilage.

As much as I'm looking forward to having outgoing email capacity and a reserved car spot in Menara Milenium, the thought of being confined to one department (even if it is my department of choice) does distress me just very slightly.

I will miss rushing off to assist Corporate Commercial or tagging along to court, running odd assignments with Human Capital Services come 5 October 2010.

But oh how excited I am to start!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010
351 - Malaysians say the darndest things!

At a trial with the Boss
Me: Do I have to take notes?
Boss: No, just don't fall asleep.

The other day
Me: I'm sad. :(
R: Why?
Me: Will you still be nice if I don't tell you why?
R: Uh..sure. Lol

R: Hey. Is your office nice?
Me: room isn't all that but the office as a whole is pretty nice. Why?
R: Just trying to distract you from being sad.

R: You wanna hang later?
Me: I thought you had a teleconference?
R: Won't take long to tell them to fucking burn in hell.

When I bought TW dragon beard candy
TW: Why like that wan? How to eat? Like pubic hair only!

My papi who's growing deaf
Dad: Ex-Court of Appeal Judge, KC Vohrah and Edmond Bon are going to be in Jambang Ku in Bangsar for the MyConsti thingy.
Me: It's Jalan Bangkung!
Dad: HUH? I heard it on the TV. They said Jambang Ku.

On 1Malaysia
NA: I'm Malaysian first, Malay second.

Everything the counsel from AGC says at the TBH Inquest.

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Saturday, September 18, 2010
350 - The Greater of Two Evils

What's worse, the betrayal or the nonchalance following? Whilst struggling to get over the first, it's really the casual lack of concern that is the deal-breaker.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010
349 - Between the 31st August and 16 September

An article published in the NST 31st August 2010 by my momma, the patriot who believes in Malaysia, the future that it brings and me.

AS I watched the commandos filing out of the stadium after their performance, which was shown live on RTM on Merdeka Day, I felt a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes.

I couldn’t recognise their race as they all wore fatigues and had their faces painted. I could only recognise them as Malaysians.

As the camera panned the stadium, I saw a Chinese boy waving his flag exuberantly and an array of dancers, dressed resplendently, moving to the beat of the music in sync and looking so happy.

I always have that lump and those tears whenever I see such shows being performed.

When the show was over, I read the newspapers and the headlines quoted our prime minister as saying, “Retain talent”.

When I am going to spend a fortune on educating my children here first, then abroad, would you say I am not patriotic if I ask my children to remain and work overseas upon graduation? What about those very lucky few who managed to get over seas scholarships and now work everywhere but this country, whose taxpayers footed their fees, by getting out of their bonds and paying just a fraction of the cost of their education abroad? Aren’t these people just opportunists? If only we could quantify patriotism and give scholarships only to those who definitely will return to serve their motherland.

On that note, I hope to be known as a humble Chinese woman who does not call China her motherland; and I insist I am a patriot.

I suffer the symptoms of a “patriot”. Every time I hear and sing the Negaraku , that lump and those tears come back.

Every time I see one race pitted against another, I am not only sad but also outraged. Some people are taking the rest of us for fools.

We are one and we should not fear each other. We should be looking out for one another.

My eldest daughter, who read law in the United Kingdom, was living in an apartment with three others, namely two Malay girls and an Indian. She told me how they would share the housework, study together and when one got herself into a spot, the rest would look out for her.

We call ourselves Indians, Malays, Ibans, Dayaks, etc, not to segregate ourselves but to remind ourselves of our roots.

I am grateful for my Chinese roots for it teaches me, among other things, piety and loyalty. I believe there’s no race or religion that teaches one to be a bigot.

I also believe we should look to our youth for direction and not some narcissistic old frogs who refuse to come out of their coconut shells.

There’s hope for our nation.

Don’t believe the tales some rogue politicians are trying to weave.

Our youth have faith in themselves, even if we don’t have any in our selves.

We are patriots, I tell you. My daughter is chambering now, here in her motherland. She hopes to make a difference here, not in some foreign land where she can earn big bucks.

She took up Childcare Law in her Bar Vocational course, hoping to make some leeway in this much-neglected realm of law here. For a start, she has joined Legal Aid’s Law Reform, Outreach Team and the LAC Women’s Issues, Family and Children Group committees.

Back to my original question — if someone has to spend millions educating his children abroad, and if his children find themselves more comfortable being stakeholders there, would you say that he is not a patriot if he does not insist they come back?

MAY CHEE CHOOK YING, Bukit Beruang, Malacca

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